a good night's sleep is closer than you think

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    Brooke and two of her three children at bedtime

    To schedule a free 15 minute sleep assessment or to ask any questions about my programs,

    call or text: 917-885-2594

    My name is Brooke Nalle, and as a trained sleep consultant and coach, I can help your child sleep through the night, take better, more consistent naps, stay in her bed, and prevent early risings and late bedtimes.

    I specialize in solutions that allow your child to learn how to become a better sleeper with a balance of indpendence and help from you.

    You will learn how to help your child rather than rescue your child in order to make lasting, constructive, sleep changes.

    You can use my methods if you are balancing other children and their needs, and you can use my methods with infants, babies and toddlers.  It is never too late to help your child become a better sleeper!

     My training and experience include:

    • non "cry it out" solutions
    • highly specialized sleep solutions for 4 and 5 month old babies
    • short or non existent naps
    • bedtimes that are too late
    • transitions from bed to crib 
    • new sibling preparation, room sharing, and the shift from crib to bed
    • nipple, bottle, pacifier dependency
    • frequent night feedings
    • reflux
    • nightmares and night terrors
    • sensory processing issues
    • sleep apnea

     My programs are:

    • medically and developmentally appropriate
    • custom for every child and his/her family
    • gentle - created to support and build parent/child attachment while fostering healthy independence and a sense of accomplishment

    And yes, you can have a good sleeper and a healthy breast-feeding relationship!



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