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"Thank you!!! We are getting more hours of uninterrupted sleep and the falling asleep phase is very smooth. I can’t quite believe how quickly our plan worked. "

“It’s not hyperbole to say Brooke changes our lives–she always has a solution up her sleeve, and she takes time to work through multiple options with because every family is different and every baby is unique.”

“With Brooke’s plan my son went from waking all night long to sleeping 11 money I ever spent!”

"We turned to Lindsay when our four month old began going through a sleep regression. Lindsay did an amazing job and within a few days, my little one was sleeping through the night and was back to his happy self!"

"Since I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I had to break my 15 month old from co-sleeping since he was waking up every two hours. It was affecting my sleep and my marriage. I’ve tried sleep books, asking various friends for help and nothing worked. I needed a sleep miracle and I reached out to Lindsay from Sleepy on Hudson. In one night Lindsay showed us how to calm our son down without having him cry all night. Three days later he slept 12 hours through the night. Lindsay was so kind through the entire process and that’s exactly what I needed. I can’t believe that I have my life back! Thank you Lindsay!!!"

"I was overwhelmed and exhausted from being up at all hours with my 7 month old. Desperate for some help and guidance, I reached out to Sleepy on Hudson. I had the pleasure of working with Sara, who is professional and courteous, yet warm and approachable.  As soon as we implemented the sleep plan and schedule Sara created to fit our family’s needs, we saw the changes we had been praying for! Throughout the process, I reached out to Sara with questions or concerns as they arose and she responded quickly and thoughtfully.  Sara armed us with the tools we needed to help our baby become a successful sleeper and for that, I am extremely grateful. Thank you Sara and Sleepy on Hudson!!"

"Hilary was truly fantastic and definitely needed. I had decided to get as much support as possible after the birth of my first child, and a friend of mine recommended Hilary.  She gave me so many different tools to help me deal with my little ones crying, eating and sleeping and helped me understand what is normal as the weeks went by. It was really more like having a super knowledgable friend on call than a consultant. Not only is Hilary an extremely down to earth and wonderful person, she is also very responsive and understanding of the unique situations that new mothers and babies are experiencing.  From me texting her at 9pm to ask how much wine I was allowed to giving me techniques to soothe my baby when she was in a complete state, Hilary gave me the confidence I needed to stay calm under the inevitable pressure of having a newborn. I have to say I’m really enjoying being a mum and I can thank Hilary for a lot of that. I highly recommend her."