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Christina’s clients love her, I mean, really really really love her. Both during and after their work together, they send over praise; so much praise in fact, that we have run out of room on her regular page!

So read on, and to get started with Christina right away, you can message her directly here.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help in getting my sweet baby through her more recent sleep regression!
I have to say, this one was particularly challenging!!
After sticking strictly to your suggestions, and keeping our routine very regimented, she is on the other side of the regression!!
We traveled for all of June and part of July, and she did fantastic on our vacation!

You really did help me in my time of need and frustration, and I am very grateful!!
— Marliese and little Hayden Marie
Christina was an absolute delight to work with. She became an instant part of our ‘Team Sleep’ for my son. She was not only encouraging and always available but realistic, which I valued most. If something didn’t go exactly according to plan she gave us the tools we needed to adjust accordingly. She got to know my son and his habits so that she could continue to evolve her advice over the course of the two weeks. And we did it! We have a sleeper ladies and gents!
— Leila M.
I want to thank Christina from Sleepy on Hudson for helping me and baby get a full night’s sleep! Her recommendations were clear and practical and improvements began the first night. She made herself available to answer any follow up questions, listened closely to our unique situation and was very thorough. I must say the best money I’ve spent in a long time! Consistency is key so be ready to buckle down and see results.
— Jillian F.
Where to begin… Christina has made a HUGE difference in our family quality of life. She helped us get our little girl on a schedule which is what we asked her to do – but what we didn’t expect is how much this schedule improved the amount of milk our baby was able to consume – which previously had been quite low and was a daily fight.
Sleep training is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through – hearing my baby cry and not rushing in to get her went against every fiber of my being BUT I knew this is what was best for her and was committed to giving her the gift of good sleep. Having Christina by my side throughout this process made it possible for me to do this. She was a consistent and calming presence throughout this process.

Another added benefit to working with Christina, was our schedule was modified to fit my baby and our schedule. It was very important to me that my husband be able to see our daughter before bedtime, with Christina’s help we crafted a schedule that allowed him to give her a kiss each night.
— SC, mom of one special little girl in NYC
In the course of two short weeks, Christina accomplished every goal I had for myself and Will, including ones I frankly didn’t think were possible at this point. She helped get us on a healthy daily schedule, improved Will’s night sleep, figured out how to move his bedtime up so I could spend time with both my boys at the end of the day, and set up a structure so Will could put himself to sleep for both naps and nighttime in his crib and then stay asleep until he has gotten enough rest. Even writing out this list, I am in shock at what she accomplished for me!

As a second time mom, I already had a sense of the available tools for facilitating infant sleep, but I was struggling to implement them in a way that worked for me, Will, and our family unit. Christina immediately came up with a structure to make everything I wanted possible. But even more than that, she listened to my fears and desires, adjusted the plan, and genuinely supported me through the two weeks until I had reached every goal, even ones that I thought were impossible within a two-week time frame.

Even beyond all of this, Christina is such a lovely person. She shared so many helpful tips that she has learned from her own family and helped me celebrate Will’s accomplishments. It was a pleasure to have her as an ongoing part of my life for the past two weeks.
— Katherine G.