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Amanda Cronk

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Based in Brooklyn, Amanda has been working with children and their families for over 15 years. First as a nanny, then as a fine arts teacher, and now as a post-partum doula and sleep consultant.  

After the birth of her son five years ago she quickly learned the importance of sleep for both baby and family. She is passionate about providing hands-on, highly personalized sleep support in a family’s home, creating the structure and schedule needed to help children and their families get their best sleep. Whether you are looking for hands on nap support so you can learn and do at the same time or a sleep training guide to stay with you at bedtime or through the night, Amanda is ready to help.

When we contacted Amanda, we wanted to transition our son from our room with multiple night wake-ups and feedings to his own room, sleeping longer stretches. We already did a lot of research, but wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible for our son, with minimal crying. Amanda guided us with a plan that was gentle, listening to our concerns with patience. At the end of two weeks, our son was sleeping with his hands out of his swaddle-up sleep sack, in his crib for both naps and nighttime, and sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am with one dream feed! We even started tackling daytime naps earlier because he was doing so well. I felt very comfortable with Amanda, knowing she is a mom and has first hand knowledge of how hard dealing with sleep issues can be. We’re all so grateful for our time with her and what she has done for our family. I highly recommend Amanda to any family looking to get more sleep.
— Emily, NY

Need in-home nap help or other guidance and post-partum care?

You can work with Amanda by the hour for in-home day time sleep support (2 hours for $200, 5 hours for $400, or 10 hours for $750). For overnight pricing, click here.