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Baby Sleep Rescue

Baby-Toddler Sleep Rescue

Baby Sleep Rescue


Baby Sleep Rescue


With the foundational baby sleep plan for babies older than 3 months, you will get a custom schedule, personalized nap and bedtime routines, as well as a plan to follow for 7 nights.  Your sleep specialist will give you specific room recommendations whether you are using a separate nursery or room-sharing.  Moreover we will help you find the right swaddle and/or sleep sack that will have your baby sleeping well and safely.  Your Baby Sleep Rescue is breast and bottle feeding friendly.  If you want to fully night wean or keep a feeding, we can work with that!

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Ready to get started? Here are some important points to understand about the process.

  1. After your purchase and the submission of your form, your sleep consultant will get right to work. She might contact you with follow up or clarifying questions.

  2. You will also get an ETA from your consultant. We turn our plans around as quickly as possible. If you submit your form and make your purchase early in the day, then you should expect your plan later that day or first thing the next day. If you submit later in the day or over the weekend, then it might take a touch longer. However you should expect a plan between 24-48 hours of submission.

  3. This plan is your plan. We ask that you don’t share it with others as it is customized for you and your baby and probably will not be effective for another parent or baby.

  4. If you decide that you want some follow up support once you get started, then just reach out to your consultant directly and she can add on a week or two of unlimited support based on your needs.