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Brooke Nalle



“Brooke was instrumental in helping us retrain our two year old to sleep after he had become scared to go to sleep (and even stay in his room by himself!) because of nightmares.
She gave us a step-by-step, practical, progressive plan that left both us and him feeling secure, safe and well-rested within a few weeks. Months later, we still use her tools and guidance to deal with the occasional sleep difficulty. Her patience, understanding and availability really set her apart.”

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It might seem impossible, but a good night's sleep is closer than you think ...

... if you have the right plan that supports you and your child.  At Bank Street's Graduate School of Education, Brooke (MS Ed. 2003) learned to apply a developmental lens to her teaching and curriculum design.  When she founded Sleepy On Hudson in 2009, she brought and applied this training to infant, baby, and toddler sleep.  She is one of Kim West's first 50 Gentle Sleep Coaches and has worked with over 1,500 families with children of all ages.  Brooke specializes in creating and affirming behavioral routines that are right for your child's developmental picture and of course are sensitive to his temperament.  

Thank you so much for all of your help with A. - she has made such incredible progress thanks to your coaching! She sleeps pretty consistently through the night (lately it’s been 6:30-6:30) and when she wakes a bit early she’s able to put herself back to sleep or entertain herself until we get up.

In addition to her work with infant and babies, Brooke especially enjoys working with toddlers and can help you through this rocky sleep period.

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