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Finding a good doula is often the first step to getting help when you have a young baby who is not ready for sleep training or for you, if you are not quite ready for sleep training. I recently discovered Dynamic Doulas and think they are amazing!

In the Westchester, NY area and looking for an amazing pediatric dentist who is also a new mama herself? Dr. Mila Belgrade has a very positive and gentle approach with her very young patients and can answer all of your ‘teething’ questions!

Feeling conflicted and overwhelmed about crying during sleep training?  I just read this the other day, and the research and data shared is spot on!  

is your baby asleep, but you are wide awake?

read my write up about your sleep habits on the nanit baby monitor blog for changes you can make right away.

must follow ....

Baby List   A great place to register as well as for the latest and greatest down the road.

Pregnant Chicken Good gear, good guidance, and most importantly a good laugh.

The Science of Mom  Have a non-medical question for your pediatrician about your child but don't have an appointment scheduled -- Alice Callahan, PhD gives clear answers backed by research.

WeeSpring  This is the best place for the real deal on products.  If you want the best nightlight or travel crib, start here.

Lucie's List  We love this list.  A true survival guide for new moms and even for those of us doing this for the second or third time.  Feeling overwhelmed, consult Lucie's List for a complete comparison and break down of it all.  She's done the work for you.

struggling with breast feeding? ...

Sometimes sleep struggles in the first few months are truly feeding related.  If you are breast feeding, we highly recommend getting support from an expert.  You can have someone come right to you or attend a group for advice and camaraderie.  Here are some of our local favorites.

Bev Solow

Beth Shulman

Jenn Sullivan

Ayelet Kaznelson

Rivertown Mamas

Seleni Institue

Dayna Kurtz