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Hilary Baxendale

Hilary was truly fantastic and definitely needed. I had decided to get as much support as possible after the birth of my first child, and a friend of mine recommended Hilary. She gave me so many different tools to help me deal with my little ones crying, eating and sleeping and helped me understand what is normal as the weeks went by. It was really more like having a super knowledgable friend on call than a consultant. Not only is Hilary an extremely down to earth and wonderful person, she is also very responsive and understanding of the unique situations that new mothers and babies are experiencing. From me texting her at 9pm to ask how much wine I was allowed to giving me techniques to soothe my baby when she was in a complete state, Hilary gave me the confidence I needed to stay calm under the inevitable pressure of having a newborn. I have to say I’m really enjoying being a mum and I can thank Hilary for a lot of that. I highly recommend her.


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about HILARY

Hilary Baxendale has been working with families in the NYC area for over a decade. As a Childbirth Educator she leads couples prenatally in group Childbirth Education, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Workshops in Westchester and Manhattan. 

In addition to being a Childbirth Educator, Hilary is also a Certified Lactation Counselor and helps women transition to parenthood through new mom groups and home visits. She feels very honored to be able to empower new parents to welcome and care for their babies with knowledge, confidence and a good dose of humor. Highly experienced in the birth and newborn world, Hilary can help you in a supportive, non judgmental way, figure out your baby—and uncover the best way to soothe him and prepare him for better naps and nights.

Hilary’s role is to educate, provide support and companionship and nurture your new family. Unlike a family member, who may offer up unsolicited advice, Hilary offers moms evidence-based information but never judges the family’s choices or tells them how to parent.

Raised in Rhode Island, educated in Boston and married to an English charmer, Hilary currently calls Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, home with her family that includes two young sons.