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in person


meeting in your home

Having worked with families and their sleep challenges for almost 10 years, we can say with confidence that there is no cookie cutter situation and no cookie cutter solution. It can be immensely helpful to have someone meet you, meet your baby, and get a sense of your space, parenting style, and baby’s developmental picture. Our options for work in home are outlined below, as is our pricing, but of course an initial conversation is highly encouraged — reach out.

day visit

90 minute visit with you and your baby.

Sleep space set up review with quick changes and adjustments.

Detailed written sleep plan covering: clear instructions for sleep training, customized eating/sleeping schedules, routines for bedtime and naps, and nap training guidance.

One follow up call with the option to purchase additional support by the week.


bedtime visit

This is the best option if you need help getting started and want to make sure you are doing it right from the get-go.

In advance, your specialist chats with you about schedule, sleep training routines and plans, and your child’s sleep space.

She arrives about an hour in-advance of bedtime to help you with final routines and helps you begin the sleep training process. You learn from her at bedtime and have the tools and experience to continue on your own.


overnight visit(s)

Giving your baby the space to learn how to go to sleep and then go back to sleep can be daunting and a big step for many families. Our overnight visit is designed to help teach your baby how to become a better sleeper as quickly and as constructively as possible.

When your baby is developmentally ready to sleep through the night or even sleep better with just one feeding, rather than multiple feedings, we can help guide your baby and you through an easy bedtime routine, clear responses to crying, and in the end, to better sleep.

We prepare in advance for your overnight, setting you and your baby up for success. You have a plan to follow (your specialist will take you through it), and support for one week following the overnight. This support includes one daily phone call (15-20 minutes) and emailing and texting during the days following your overnight stay.

Your specialist arrives well in advance of bedtime, stays through the night, and debriefs with you the next morning.

$1000 for one night, $1,800 for two nights, and $2,400 for three nights

please reach out to discuss next steps