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Lindsay Rothman



Lindsay Rothman (MS Ed.), our overnight miracle worker ...

... works graciously and efficiently  to teach you and your baby better sleep habits that last.  While in your home, she will develop a sleep schedule for nights and naps that is right for your parenting style and baby's temperament.  She shows you how the plan works and then sets you up so that you can continue successfully even after she has left.  

I can’t stop raving about Sleepy on Hudson. My 15 month old co-sleeping baby who was an absolutely horrible sleeper was somehow, gently transformed into someone who sleeps peacefully 12 hours a night and wakes up happy. I actually didn’t think he was capable of sleeping this well and Lindsay assured me all along that he was. She was my sounding board, cheerleader and voice of reason during this process, and I feel completely indebted to her.

Very often our clients feel ready to make the necessary changes, but they need someone right there to make sure they are doing it right.  When Lindsay joined our team, she identified this need and has been changing lives every since.

I needed a sleep miracle and I reached out to Lindsay from Sleepy on Hudson. In one night Lindsay showed us how to calm our son down without having him cry all night. Three days later he slept 12 hours through the night. Lindsay was so kind through the entire process and that’s exactly what I needed. I can’t believe that I have my life back! Thank you Lindsay!!!”