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Natalie Homem

Natalie hs.jpg
When we were struggling with getting our daughter to sleep, we reached out to Sleepy on Hudson and Natalie was a dream! You would think by our third child we could handle getting the baby to sleep, but we had fallen into the typical bad habits of getting her to do so. Natalie came in and had her sleeping through the night right away and did away with all the bad habits! She also became a better napper and eater because of it.
— Katie C., NYC


A true baby whisperer, Natalie has been helping babies with sleep, routines, schedules in a loving and supportive way for the past 10 years. With an educational focus in early childhood and post-partum doula training underway, Natalie brings the best combination of experience and warmth to your family.

Natalie is flexible and can adapt to your needs and goals during her overnight(s) in your home. She can help a young baby get better stretches of sleep, and you the rest you truly need. She also can be there to actively sleep train with you and/or for you.

Whether you need support at bedtime or all night, Natalie can work wonders.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for sending Natalie my way. (...) Natalie was great the 2 days that we had her in person, but even better after she left. It was very clear that she was very well qualified to sleep train the baby while she was with us. She was very calm, level-headed, PATIENT!!!!, and confident without being pushy or overly aggressive. (...) She was so gracious and patient with us - especially me (I am definitely a neurotic type-A New Yorker with the added anxiety of being a first time mom)!!! She’s also been incredibly kind checking up on us and continuing to provide encouragement and answer follow up questions over the past couple weeks. She is such a gem.
— Nicky R., NYC