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0-20 weeks

4 months - 2 years

3 years and beyond

0-20 weeks

4 months – 2 years

3 years and beyond


learn your baby, love yourself

Stay consistent with schedules and sleep routines

welcome independence with a fresh solutions for new sleep struggles


You have so many questions about sleep and the nature of your questions change on a daily basis. You have a ton of books, but you’re too exhausted to read. Identifying questions is good, but it is even more important to learn your baby’s rhythms and needs.

After 4 months, babies thrive on schedules and earlier bedtimes.

Some children are great sleepers as babies and become difficult and challenging only when they transition to their own bed. Other children have trouble sleeping as infants and toddlers and continue to struggle with sleep as they get older and gain independence.


•nap more during the day so that she will eat better and sleep better at night.

•encourage self-soothing after your baby has been fed, burped, and is comfortable.

•identify patterns of sleep and recognize sleepy cues, helping your baby to catch the sleep wave.

•reliable and consistent naps.

•sleep crutches

•multiple (non-nutritive) wake ups.

•nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, and other sleep disturbances.

•establishing earlier bedtimes and efficient, effective bed time routines

•Establish clear programs that a child as young as 4 can understand and carry out

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