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Programs & Pricing

Whether your work with Sleepy on Hudson's founder Brooke Nalle, our baby and toddler sleep specialists Lindsay Rothman or Sara DiBernardo, or our infant specialist and CLC Hilary Baxendale you will feel in control and your child will feel supported every step of the way.

Our Programs


Whether your work with our founder Brooke Nalle, our baby and toddler sleep specialists Lindsay Rothman, or Sara DiBernardo, or our infant specialist and CLC, Hilary Baxendale, you will feel in control and your child will feel supported every step of the way.


the Sleep Coaching package
our signature program

Get an individualized, developmentally appropriate plan to allow your child to learn to sleep—and sleep well. We focus on 3 key factors that play fundamental roles in your child’s sleep: his temperament, his developmental picture, and your parenting style. Our package includes:

  • In-home or virtual consultation including our sleep intake assessment
  • A sleep plan that covers sleep environment, schedule, nap and bedtime routines
  • A sleep training program to handle all wake ups, sleep hurdles from travel, illness, and milestones to room sharing and teething
  • Active support including 3 weeks of daily emails and text support, plus 3 phone calls scheduled as needed
  • Option for in-home bedtime support with Lindsay Rothman (by the hour)
  • Option for virtual on-call support for bedtime, through the night, and/or naps (by the hour)

For Brooke Nalle: $495 virtual / $675 in-home
For Lindsay Rothman: $395 virtual / $575 in-home (with optional overnight support at $80/hour)
For Sara DiBernardo: $325 virtual / $475 in-home

Optional breast feedings support: call with Hilary Baxendale, CLC,  for help with any and all breastfeeding challenges and goals from building supply, over-supply, introducing a bottle, night weaning and complete weaning.  This calls are pro-rated at Hilary's $150/hourly rate.

Optional in-home bedtime support: work with Lindsay one on one in your home through bedtime and even through the night.  Lindsay charges $80/hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Optional virtual on-call support: work with Lindsay or Sara through bedtime, through nap time, and even through the night.  This is a new program that allows you to get the help you need in the moment.  Happy to chat about the logistics - just let us know.  ($60/hour week nights and naps; $75/hour weekends).


infant sleep guidance + support



If you have a newborn, then you are probably getting lots of advice from well meaning families and friends -- but it can be hard to know and trust it is the right advice for you and your baby.  We can help you with these first few weeks to sort out feedings, naps, nights and more.  We suggest this program for newborns - 12 weeks.

  • In home or virtual consultation with Hilary Baxendale.  Two hour in home visit or 4 virtual face to face sessions.
  • Clear follow up notes and written guidance emailed at the end of the consultation or mini session.
  • Follow up support including 4 emails and 2 mini calls during your one month period of support.

Pricing  $525 (in home) or $425 (virtual)






You’re almost there, but still need some coaching. We offer support by the hour for smaller questions and/or issues. This is a perfect option for families who need general guidance, have issue-specific questions, or have already sleep-trained and need help with fine-tuning. Please note this option does not include text and email support.  

Brooke Nalle: $200/hr*
Lindsay Rothman: $175/hr*
Sara DiBernardo: $125/hr*
Hilary Baxendale: $150/hr*
* Former clients have a reduced rate.


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