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Over the past few years, I have noticed that families considering sleep teaching or training have brought up some very important questions.  Here they are.  I have answered them based on my knowledge and training as well as based on feedback from families who have recently worked with me.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please submit an inquiry through my website.

Is it possible to teach my child to sleep without any crying?

I have had success with families with very little crying, and I have worked with families who have experienced a lot of crying.  Honestly, whenever you implement a behavioral change, you will have to face some crying.  That said, with my methods, you can always attend to your child.  For some babies, frequent pick ups are just thing.  For others, being picked up or held during the process can heighten crying.  When I work with a family, I do my best to match a few key pieces - developmental factors (such as separation anxiety, physical and cognitive milestones, attachment), parenting style, and temperament.  Sleep disturbances are a puzzle, and a stress free training process is possible when you take the 'whole child' into consideration.  I have found that the most crying and the biggest up-hill battle comes from an experience when a baby doesn't know what to expect from a parent's involvement.  When he knows he will eventually get "rescued" from the crib, held and brought to his parent's bed (because of past experiences of mixed answers), the baby will cry frantically.  This is avoidable; I promise!

My baby has diagnosed reflux, can I sleep train?

Yes, as long as you have approval from your pediatrician and your baby's medication is working well, we can help her become a better sleeper.

I nurse on demand and don't want to damage my breastfeeding relationship with my baby...

The main focus of my work is to help you and your baby get the rest you both need so you can continue to enjoy your breast feeding relationship.  I often hear from many mothers that feeding is going even better now that their baby can sleep well.  I will work with you and your breastfeeding goals in and around sleep.  I also will not put your on a schedule both day and night that will negatively impact your supply.  I am very good at designing successful training programs around your nursing schedule and style.

What happens if sleep coaching doesn't work?

After my in-home visit, I will put together a plan that reflects exactly what we discussed.  The plan will work with hard work from you, support from me, and an open collaborative relationship.  You will also see enough progress in the first few days to encourage you to keep up the sleep training; it's worth it.  In order to assure sleep coaching will work for your baby, please be sure of a few things:

  • each parent and caregiver is on board and in support of helping your baby get the sleep he needs
  • there are no unresolved or undiagnosed medical issues, such as reflux or obstructive sleep apnea
  • there are no lactation or feeding issues.