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We are constantly finding and hearing about great new sleep and nursery products.  Rather than give you a super long list, we would rather feature a few current favorites here.  Reach out to Lindsay for a list tailored expressly for you and your baby.

We have been super busy over here at Sleepy and have had an incredible time working with a few local photographers on some exciting projects.  We are so grateful and awed by these three women; we just have to share their work!  We hope you will consider them for any of your upcoming family photos or maybe even some business projects of your own ...  

In the Beacon/Hudson Valley area, check out Artistically Amy.  She did a phenomenal job working with Lindsay to shoot some of our favorite baby products.  A little further south and close to NYC, we love Alison Sheehy for her incredible head shots and family work.  She has this amazing gift to make you feel (and look) beautiful.  Finally we must give a big shout of support to Darrah Shea who jumped in and did a fantastic job shooting our story for DockAtot.  This girl knows how to get to work done and problem solve even when sprinklers start going off during a family picnic shoot.  Love her!


How do I wean my baby from the pacifier is one of the most commonly asked questions we get from former clients.  Of course, we can help you with a behavioral plan and help you figure out the best approach whether it's cold turkey, just at bedtime, just at naps, etc.  However there is also an incredible product out there that works ... really works!  The Lily Method. You're welcome!

Whether you need to keep your crawler out of the kitchen or away from the stairs or your toddler in his room at 5am, a gate is a hands down MUST.  This one is perfect because it is strong, stylish, and prevents injury (for those crafty toddlers who have learned that banging heads on gates gets Mommy to come running).  The Lascal Kiddy Guard is a game changer!


Every now and then, we find a product that has a million uses and helps with sleep.  Who knew that a nursing/feeding cover could play so many roles?  The Milk Snob is a true must especially if you need your super alert baby to nap on the go.  Milk Snob shared a discount code with us, click here to order and enjoy!  (code = MILKSNOBSLEEP20)


We LOVE DockATot.  This product really does change lives (and sleep).  Use our referral link to get a discount on this must-have baby product now! Here's a coupon if you need one now, click here.


Raise your hand if your nursery's temperature fluctuates.  Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold?  Could that be why your baby keeps waking?  Our friends over at Little Lotus have the coolest (ha!) sleep sack out there using fabrics that were developed by NASA for astronauts.  How amazing is that.  If your little one is too hot, the swaddle draws away the excess heat, and then releases it when your baby cools down.  Check them out here and enter SLEEPY20 to save 20% off at check out.


Wearable lovey?  Yes, please.  The BittaSack is a must for babies who like to hold on to something soft and a must for parents who worry about having a blankie in the crib.  This is a game changer for babies who are ready to move from swaddle to sleep sack.  


Loyal Hana  Clothing for expecting and nursing moms, perfect for the transition from the bump to the boob and beyond.  Trust me, we are both considering having another child just to wear their clothes.  



Ollie Swaddle Lindsay loves this swaddle!  It allows the baby just enough movement to get comfortable while swaddled but prevents easy escapes.  It also grows with your baby and allows quick diaper changes in the middle of the night.  She buys them for all of her friends with new babies.  Click on this link for your discount!