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We are constantly finding and hearing about great new sleep and nursery products.  Rather than give you a super long list, we would rather feature a few current favorites here.  Reach out to Lindsay for a list tailored expressly for you and your baby.

We LOVE dock a tot.  This product really does change lives (and sleep).  Use my referral link to get a discount on this must-have baby product now! Here's a coupon if you need one now, click here.

Raise your hand if your nursery's temperature fluctuates.  Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold?  Could that be why your baby keeps waking?  Our friends over at Little Lotus have the coolest (ha!) sleep sack out there using fabrics that were developed by NASA for astronauts.  How amazing is that.  If your little one is too hot, the swaddle draws away the excess heat, and then releases it when your baby cools down.  Check them out here and enter SLEEPY20 to save 20% off at check out.

Wearable lovey?  Yes, please.  The BittaSack is a must for babies who like to hold on to something soft and a must for parents who worry about having a blankie in the crib.  This is a game changer for babies who are ready to move from swaddle to sleep sack.  

The Nanit monitor  We love this monitor because it is not only a fantastic way to keep track of the quantity of sleep but also the quality of sleep.  This way you have a better understanding of when to go in and when not to go in -- and that's half the battle.

The Lil Jumbl Baby Bottle  If you are bottle feeding your baby and need a hands free option whether you are on the run or dealing with an older toddler while feeding your baby, we think this is a great option.

Loyal Hana  Clothing for expecting and nursing moms, perfect for the transition from the bump to the boob and beyond.  Trust me, we are both considering having another child just to wear their clothes.  

Ollie Swaddle Lindsay loves this swaddle!  It allows the baby just enough movement to get comfortable while swaddled but prevents easy escapes.  It also grows with your baby and allows quick diaper changes in the middle of the night.  She buys them for all of her friends with new babies.  

***** UPDATE!!!!  sleepy on hudson friends save 15% orders from Ollie Swaddle, enter code HUDSON at checkout ****