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We are sure you have your favorites, and we certainly have ours. Here is our most current top 10 list from infant to toddler. We keep this updated and love to hear from you what has been life changing for your family.

  1. This white noise machine is a must for sleep at home and this one is ideal for sleep on the go. Turn it on during the bedtime routine to prompt sleep and turn it off in the morning or at the end of the nap. Place it on the floor of your baby’s sleep space and keep the volume at a level that feels comfortable to you.

  2. This swaddle is a GAME CHANGER for babies who need a good, snug sleep experience. Note the positioning on the shoulders, this is truly the safest way to swaddle.

  3. Is your baby happier with her hands up or starting to get frustrated being too tightly swaddled, then this is a must. It is also a perfect transition swaddle around 3 months when your baby is ready to do some more independent soothing.

  4. I met the Bitta Kidda folks years ago, and I still return again and again to their sleep sacks plus lovies. It is the safest option for your sleeper who likes to ‘hold on’ to something. We think this is the best sleep sack to use when starting sleep training at 4 or 5 months.

  5. Does your toddler demand a night light at bedtime, but do you worry it is waking him in the night? Check out this night light on a dimmer.

  6. The Hatch Baby Rest is amazing, really really really amazing to show sleepers bedtime and morning time. We can teach you how to use it with our toddler plans, and you will see how much easier dealing with a toddler in a bed can be.

  7. The Lascal Kiddy guard is fabulous for keeping your toddler in his room at bedtime and during naps. It is very hard to climb — but not impossible. You can use this gate effectively, but you have to respond appropriately to dangerous behavior. We can help you with this.

  8. The Lotus Travel crib is by far the best for airplane travel, and the Baby Bjorn is our favorite for regular travel. Both are light and easy to carry. However the Lotus fits in a back pack, so it is the better pick for moving around the airport and on/off planes. The Dock a Tot as well can be great for travel or sleep at home.

  9. The Twilight Buddies or The Linsay Night Light projector are lovely to switch on at bedtime for your sleeper or any age to watch while he drifts off.

  10. And last but not least, we love the Tranquilo Mat for soothing a fussy infant for naps and night.