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Revise of Programs & Pricing

Our Programs


Whether your work with our founder Brooke Nalle or with Lindsay Rothman, you will feel in control and your child will feel supported every step of the way.


the Sleep Coaching package
our signature program

Get an individualized, developmentally appropriate plan to allow your child to learn to sleep—and sleep well. We focus on 3 key factors that play fundamental roles in your child’s sleep: his temperament, his developmental picture, and your parenting style. Our package includes:

  • In-home or virtual consultation including our sleep intake assessment
  • A sleep plan that covers sleep environment, schedule, nap and bedtime routines
  • A sleep training program to handle all wake ups, sleep hurdles from travel, illness, and milestones to room sharing and teething
  • Active support including 3 weeks of daily emails and text support, plus 4 phone calls scheduled as needed

For Brooke Nalle: $475 virtual / $625 in-home
For Lindsay Rothman: $375 virtual / $525 in-home (with optional bedtime support at $80/hour)



You’re almost there, but still need some coaching. We offer support by the hour for smaller questions and/or issues. This is a perfect option for families who need general guidance, have issue-specific questions, or have already sleep-trained and need help with fine-tuning. Please note this option does not include text and email support.  

Brooke Nalle: $200/hr*
Lindsay Rothman: $150/hr*
* Former clients have a reduced rate.


BABY 411 

Whether you are entering your last trimester or just got home with the new LO, let our infant and baby expert Lindsay Rothman help you establish a healthy and hopeful foundation for sleep. From must-have products to items you really can skip, Lindsay will help you customize your baby’s sleep space in a safe and innovative way, teaching you healthy sleep habits that you can implement at anytime. Our package includes:

  • Pre-call questions and goals form
  • 30-minute phone call covering healthy infant sleep habits, what to work on, what to not worry about, and the must-haves.
  • A virtual nursery analysis
  • Follow-up notes, sample schedules, and personalized product recommendations for nursery and beyond.
  • 1 check-in phone call to update and answer follow-up questions between 8 and 12 weeks.

Also a perfect gift!

$225 for Lindsay Rothman


adult insomnia

As parents, we spend our time focusing our children's needs rather than our own. We schedule their doctors appointments before ours, sign them up for activities before we plan something fun for ourselves—and we meet their sleep needs before we meet our own.

Whether you are just starting to improve your child's sleep or have already conquered this hurdle, you might be ready to turn your attention to your own sleep needs. For some of us, we are just so grateful to finally be able to sleep, so we do just that. For others, we begin to struggle with insomnia.

Brooke has studied with Dr. Gregg Jacobs in his Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for Insomnia. She can meet in person or virtually, and will work with you over the course of 8 sessions to solve your sleep struggles. 

With Brooke Nalle
Private sessions: $100/hour
Group sessions: $400/per person