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Sara DiBernardo



“Sara gave me hope.

A week later she devised our sleep plan. She explained each step, answered all my questions, and her support through the process was critical to our success. Her confidence and guidance energized me to do as she prescribed. The first night was hard, but I had faith in Sara, and my daughter slept through the night. My daughter now falls asleep on her own and sleeps through the night – every night! My toddler even asks to go to bed when she is tired now. It’s like a miracle. I never thought it could turn around like this. I got my sanity back. I cannot thank Sara enough for changing my life. We are all happier and healthier because of it.” (Irene, NY)

As soon as we implemented the sleep plan and schedule Sara created to fit our family’s needs, we saw the changes we had been praying for! 

Sara, certified in the Wonderweeks Infant Mental Health and Development Foundation Program as well as the sleepy on hudson training program, developed a passion for baby and child sleep after experiencing sleep struggles with her son, Evan, who is now 5. After living through many sleepless nights and feeling the direct effects of chronic sleep deprivation, Sara began to realize how crucial healthy sleep habits are to the whole family unit and to the emotional and physical health of the family.

Through her own personal experiences in dealing with her son and a variety of medical conditions that impacted his sleep, including reflux, colic, asthma, allergies, and sleep apnea, Sara developed a foundation of knowledge on the science of sleep and on sleep training options. As her knowledge grew, she became interested in supporting other families with their own sleep challenges and began training under Brooke.

As a practicing occupational therapist for over nine years (BA in Psychology from Stonehill College and Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from New York University), Sara is well rounded in child development, sensory processing needs of children, and in aspects of mental health throughout the lifespan. Sara is able to utilize this background, in addition to her personal background and experiences, to support her in providing services for building individualized sleep plans and consultations tailored to your family’s needs.