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Thanks again for all of your help along the way.  Your advice seriously did wonders for our whole family, especially S. - L.D., Connecticut 

Brooke was instrumental in helping us retrain our two year old to sleep after he had become scared to go to sleep (and even stay in his room by himself!) because of nightmares.
She gave us a step-by-step, practical, progressive plan that left both us and him feeling secure, safe and well-rested within a few weeks. Months later, we still use her tools and guidance to deal with the occasional sleep difficulty. Her patience, understanding and availability really set her apart. - Well-rested and grateful parents of a good sleeper near the East River

Thank you so much for all of your help with A. - she has made such incredible progress thanks to your coaching! She sleeps pretty consistently through the night (lately it's been 6:30-6:30) and when she wakes a bit early she's able to put herself back to sleep or entertain herself until 'awake time'. In fact, last night we put her down at 6:30 and she eventually fell asleep at 7pm (though didn't really make a peep during that half hour) and she woke up at 6am briefly, but put herself back to sleep and she's still asleep after 6:30am!

Her naps have improved as well, and the most amazing thing is that she doesn't even want to be rocked anymore! When she's tired she wants to be in her crib and she puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime. It is such a huge relief to know that she is sleeping, and now if (when) a regression happens, we hopefully have the tools to help her get back into this pattern.

Thank you again - R and G, New York

 I love you and I really mean that!!  I am so grateful for this workshop.  Everyone I had solicited advice from left me feeling more pressure - I felt boxed in by her needs.  And even though I wasn't able to take care of myself at all, I still felt like I wasn't able to give her what she needed. It sucked.  But last night I actually felt like I was helping her.  I believe in fostering her independence and during the day I feel I am able to provide her structure and support, and she really thrives.  Now I feel I am providing her with that same support for sleep.  Thank you so much!! - E.K. Full Circle Workshop Participant, Westchester, NY


Just a quick update as both kids are doing great at bedtime. H. now is able to fall asleep on his own with me in my bedroom and A. lost her pacifiers and has been completely fine without them as she said they were "broken."  She hasn't even fussed about them once!  

 And for all of this I wanted to say Thank You for all your help - I very much appreciate the support and understanding about throughout this process.  We could not have done it without you. - A.S., Greenwich, CT


We really struggled to get our ten-month-old to sleep through the night. It was hard for us as parents to agree on the right approach as we were faced with so many different theories and so much conflicting advice.  Brooke really helped us to develop an effective and workable plan which we were able to stick to.  Most importantly Brooke was supportive throughout the process, on hand with helpful advice and always ready to fine tune the plan.  This after-care was instrumental in our keeping a level of consistency that ultimately led to our daughter sleeping through the night (for 12 hours straight).  Brooke's intelligence, communication skills and understanding of our specific circumstances were key to this success. -Jon and Judy, New York

When my husband and I returned from our overseas vacation this past summer we were faced with a very difficult sleep challenge. Our 23 month old climbed out of the pack and play in Scotland and again out of her crib when we returned home. It was time for a transition to a bed and neither of us knew how to do this.  She was so young. We were tired and her schedule was completely out of sorts. She wouldn't sleep anywhere and we were desperate for help.

I'm a first time mom and rely on the advice of other moms. Brooke came highly recommended so I reached out. From the moment I spoke with Brooke I knew I made the right decision to seek her help. She was with us every step of the way with her wisdom, and most importantly, her understanding. She gave us confidence during some very trying times.

Thanks to Brooke our 2.2 year old has successfully transitioned to her twin bed. She brought sanity and sleep back into our lives!!!
- Tara H. - Ella's mommy, New York


We met with Brooke after several months of failing to get our child to sleep in her crib, on her own, and all night. This particular sleep fairy waved her wand (really a well-considered schedule and plan), and by the first night, both kid and parents slept more soundly than they've had in a long time. It only got better from there. - Allan, New York City


Brooke changed our lives.  When my daughter was four months old, it was taking me an hour and a half to get her to sleep at night.  She woke up every 2 hours after that for the rest of the night.  I didn't know what to do, but knew I didn't agree with any of the cry it out methods.  Brooke really listened to me and my husband about what our goals were for our daughter's sleep.  She developed a plan that worked with our family and continually adjusted it for our stubbornly wakeful and persistent little girl.  She supported me when I was sleep deprived and struggling and acknowledged that we were working hard to do what was best for our whole family.  Bedtime is a joy now and we achieved it with out ever doing anything we were uncomfortable with.  I cannot thank Brooke enough for all of her hard work and support. - Jennifer S., Brooklyn


Speaking to Brooke was the smartest thing we did to help our son sleep through the night. If and when we have other children, she will be the first person we call if there are any sleep issues! We only wish we'd called her months ago. Before we spoke to Brooke, we had our son in our bed for the first ten months of his life and he nursed every hour or so. We were reluctant to move him because we were worried about how difficult the transition would be for him, but--with no judgment or forcefulness of any kind--Brooke was able to work out a plan that helped him (and us!) make the transition and had minimal crying. And so, after just over a month of hard work and with Brooke's patient, consistent and kind support, we've moved him to his own room and he now sleeps through the night. Brooke gave us a plan to start with and then worked with us to tweak it, as our son needed. We are so, so thankful for all her hard work and kindness!
-Brauna and Paul, Riverdale 


Fortunately, we found Sleepy on Hudson at our utmost moment of desperation. When our son turned 9-months, he was waking up every one or two hours throughout the night to nurse and all our efforts missed the mark.  Brooke stepped in and immediately offered a supportive,optimistic voice and patiently listened to our family – just being able to talk through the minutiae of our little one’s lack of consistent sleep was a relief!  She provided a manageable sleep plan that mom, dad and babysitter could all follow. Knowing that we were accountable to Brooke (we sent a log of each night’s sleep) and her attentive responses to all our questions - big and small - smoothed  the transition.  In just over a week, our baby began sleeping through the night and since then his naps have also markedly improved. Thanks to Brooke’s gentle approach to sleep training, his sleep now exceeds all of our expectations. We treasure knowing that such a wonderful sleepy resource is in the area and just a phone call away. - Andrea L., Hastings-on-Hudson


Our son was born six weeks early, and from the first day we brought him home, sleep was difficult.  By the time we called Brooke, when he was 4 months old, I was totally sleep-deprived and at my wits' end because he would only fall asleep in the car seat, and would only stay asleep if it was either being rocked or walked constantly--a swing wouldn't cut it.  I had read several books and was distraught because nothing seemed to help, and the "experts" all just made me feel like a failure because I couldn't get our baby to sleep like he was "supposed to" in the crib and for extended periods of time.  I knew our little guy was not a good candidate for "cry it out" sleep training, but my gentle approach was clearly not working. Brooke was an absolute godsend.  She was totally positive and supportive, and she took the time to get to know our son as an individual and to assess his specific needs.  Brooke was so responsive and available; I called, texted, and/or emailed with her every day, and she always patiently guided me forward.  Together, we helped our son learn to fall asleep and stay asleep on his own--without any of us having to cry it out!  Brooke is an amazing mentor, teacher, and resource.  I have recommended her to everyone I know who has a difficult sleeper.  Now, at 9 months, my son falls asleep on his own, in his crib, for two naps and bedtime, and he sleeps through the night.  I don't know how we would have made it without Brooke.  She's amazing! - Erica A., New York City


My husband and I spent many sleepless nights trying desperately on our own to get our 3-year-old daughter to sleep. Finally, we called Brooke and everything changed.With a supportive style, Brooke helped to structure our nighttime routine and pointed out and changed our negative patterns. There is now another child (and family) resting peacefully in the rivertowns. - Allison, Hastings on Hudson


Our life has completely changed for the better.  Our daughter has gone to sleep at the same time every night since our meeting with you.  And it only takes an average of five to ten minutes to put her down (this includes naps as well).  It has been so much easier!!!!  Thank you! - Erica and Brent, New York City


Brooke totally rescued our family! I thought I "knew better" with our third child. Allergies, GI issues and a brief run-in with the police (our neighbor was no fan of cry-it-out) conspired to keep us sleepless for 18 months. He had been waking 2-3 times per night, once per nap and would only fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth. Brooke was incredibly kind and knowledgeable and with her patient advice and encouragement our son now asks to go into his crib (!), and sleeps a full night and solid nap - truly a miracle. Brooke was the second sleep coach we'd tried and her ideas were new and tremendously helpful. We had just about given up on ever sleeping and are so happy we found her!  - Tali, New York City


Thanks so much for all of your help!  You have truly changed the quality of my life and made Sophie a more independent little lady! - Lori, Irvington, NY


Brooke was gentle and optimistic, and totally non judgemental.  She helped us develop a plan that we could stick to.  She followed up with us every morning with words of encouragement and suggestions.  By the third night Keira was sleeping eleven hours straight through in her crib.  At the end of two weeks, she was taking two regular naps in her crib as well.  I have about five more hours in my day now!  I feel like a new person.  Thank you so much! - Cate, Philadelphia


I have been working with Brooke since I brought Liv home from the hospital. From the beginning, she helped me teach my newborn to fall asleep on her own and how to get her on a sleep schedule that was age appropriate and easy to achieve. I was dedicated to having a good sleeper from the beginning and there have been challenges along the way but Brooke has been there giving me constant sound advice and helping me (and Liv) get the sleep we both need.  Brooke was the first person to tell me that Liv was having stomach issues at night. And, she was right. Liv was diagnosed with reflux shortly after that conversation. In my sleep deprived state, Brooke developed a plan to get Liv to sleep while considering her reflux. Brooke understands what it is like to be completely sleep deprived and a walking zombie of a parent but best of all she knows how to change that and her advice is always clear, concise, and easy to follow. I am a better parent and Liv is a better sleeper because of Brooke. - Randy, Hastings on Hudson, NY


Brooke made a plan with us that felt right and worked. In 4 nights, Thomas went from 3 feedings per night and wake-ups on top of that to just 1 night time feeding. Brooke also taught me how to teach Thomas how to put himself to sleep, making our night-time ritual special and intimate, but not endless! Talking to Brooke each morning encouraged us and kept us on track. Thanks to Brooke, Thomas is a great sleeper and I am getting the rest I need to be his very happy mom. I am grateful! - Emily, Brooklyn, NY