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the crib sheet

professional blessings

Brooke Nalle

This holiday season I am very, very grateful for the sleepy families that have hired me, trusted me, and believed in me when they really, really thought it would never work.

I am also equally grateful for my stand in mommies for bedtime at my house - they run the gamut from Daddy, to a sweet lovely high school senior - we found her helping her mother at the lice lady (more on that in a forthcoming post), a local 8th grader, and knowing me I will be pulling in the postman to see if he can do bedtime so I can rush off to a consultation.

Thank you to the parking gods for providing great spaces near clients' homes and buildings, and thank you to our beloved subaru who seems content to run on fumes every now and then.

I am also grateful for two phenomena - something old and something new.  First, the age old classic, the referral. Many, many, many thanks to the clients, friends, family members who have suggested me, thought of me, and pushed my services on the tired masses.  Secondly, the new and very necessary, virtual referral.  Thank you to those of you who have supported me on message boards, community chat rooms, and on blogs.  I don't know how any of these work and still feel that this whole 'web' world is somewhat magical - nonetheless, thank you.

Thank you to my amazing, local, IT and cake goddess, Sara Schneider.  

To the amazing group of Gentle Sleep Coaches trained by Kim West who help me trouble shoot, fine tune, and get me going in the right direction, I am thankful for you all every day.  And of course, my thanks and gratitude to Kim West, my sleep mentor and supervisor.  You bring accountability and responsibility to this profession.

Finally, thank you endlessy to Graham for valuing my work, saving the day when it needs saving, and for asking me when you get to retire because you are so certain of my abilities.  And of course to sweet Alistair, Clara, and Loewy - your amazing sleep habits inspire me every day.