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the crib sheet

sometimes I just need to forget

Brooke Nalle

that I am a sleep coach.  As I write this, my almost 2-year old is 25 minutes past her bedtime, practicing drums with her father.  Not just baby bongos - full on drum kit, like you might see in a Poison or GnR video (my husband just heard this and has insisted I switch it to Led Zeppelin or even ACDC).  My 7 year old is exhausted, crazy tired, from his long week at camp and rather than winding down from his week is at his friend's house watching a scary movie.  My almost 5-year old is catching up on her beloved girl shows because her brother is away, and yes ... she had a brownie after dinner.

Wow, I sound like a sleep coach equivalent of a dermatologist who bakes in the sun or a nutritionist in line at Mickey D's.

Like all parents and all professionals, I pride myself on or rather don't judge myself for being human.  Most of the time, my children are lovely sleepers and respectful of bedtime and routines.  It is nice to cut loose from time to time, enjoy life, and then when ready return to the sanctity and sanity of routines and rhythms.  I also like to forgive myself and sometimes even forgive my children for being human - messing up and getting back on track.  I have found myself sharing with clients my new sleep maxim - what happens on vacation stays on vacation.

So on this July 1st, I reach out to all of you big sleepers and little sleepers, happy sleepers and troubled sleepers ... enjoy your summer, find a moment to break the rules, and when ready return to the safety of structure and predictability, knowing that you had a good time on 'vacation'.  I promise, I won't tell.