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the crib sheet

do it self

Brooke Nalle

alistair doing my favorite 'do it self' activity, summer 2010

From about 14 months until the age of 3, my son, Alistair had an expression: do it self.  This need to 'do it self' is not an Alistair exclusive trait - trust me, he has a few that I would never wish on any of my readers.  It is a normal piece of neurological and social emotional development, and it is sometimes endearing and sometimes exasperating.  Watching a child zipper his own coat is sweet until you are in a sweat, bundled up, still waiting to get out the door before nursery school ends for the day.

Even now at 7, he wants to do things for himself - again sometimes nice, getting dressed, for example and sometimes downright annoying, his bathtub Poseidon role play/flood, is just one of the many in the annoying category.

This time of year, I find myself thinking about resolutions as well as hearing about other people's resolutions.  My daughter Clara came home today with her 'solution'; she meant resolution: to help set the table, yes please!  Alistair suggested watching more tv and eating more candy; he is trying to approach this resolution thing from a different angle.  That said, I have noticed that quite a few people, myself included, are choosing resolutions that they could 'do it self' but are getting a little help in the process.  I am trying to eat healthier, more fruits, whole grains, vegetables.  I know ... boring.  That said, I have purchased 3 days of a juice cleanse (not one of those scary lemon water and ginger ones), and am looking at new cookbooks for inspiration.  Kale salad?  Why not, it's actually really good.  It's come time for the sleep coach to get coached, and I have come to realize how much I like having someone to talk to in my pursuit of healthier living.

I guess, for me, this whole 'do it self' conundrum got going a month or so ago when I found lice on Alistair's head.  Yes I could have done it myself, with a lot of tears and money wasted, but instead I went right to an expert.  It was so reassuring to have the lice lady check our whole family, comb us out, and send us on our way with a program.  I give my clients 10 nights of sleep training; Dale, the lice lady, gave me 8 days of hair washing and combing.  

As we start this new year, let's consider what we can do for ourselves (not always by ourselves).