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the crib sheet

white noise machine lament

Brooke Nalle

I want to pay tribute to a good friend who has travelled with me these past 8 years, who has come to my rescue when our power went out, and who has given me the sweet sound of rain ... even when it is raining.

Nearly 8 years ago, I charged into our local Radio Shack - morningside heighters, you know the one, and found you, sweet white noise machine.  You were small, took batteries, and could plug in to the wall.  You even offered an aroma function; sadly I never got to try this 'interesting' feature.  Together we hit Greenwich, CT, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, New Hampshire, St. Martin, Philadelphia, Virginia, Death Valley, and more.  When the grown ups or big kids made noise, I thought of you.  When the roosters crowed, I smiled sweetly at you.

You worked hard over the years, and you, good friend, have reached your port in the storm - the rain storm (your favorite sound), that is, here in Nevis.  With beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, lush landscape, and green vervet monkeys, you have found your freedom.  Loewy and I chose rain last night, and she drifted off once again to the sweet sound of rain blocking Clara, Alistair and Daddy's sponge bob.  Yet in the middle of the night, you decided after all of these years why should I do what she tells me to do.  You said forget this rain command, bring on the train on the tracks noise.  I charged out of bed thinking I was on Amtrak rather than Nevis.  I reminded you gently - rain, please - and once again, you showed me your spirit and choose train on the tracks.


Well good for you.  I respect your new found freedom.  You have done your work and deserve your sweet reward.  Thank you for the good nights and the countless good naps.