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the crib sheet

I am thankful for ...

Brooke Nalle

Every day I drop Loewy off at pre-school I walk by the beautiful class projects that adorn the hallways.  I love to see what everyone is being for Halloween, which play dough color won the vote on election day, and my personal favorite, what each child is thankful for.  Like many of us, they are thankful for their families, their siblings, and like many of us they are thankful for fun things too, "my toys", is a popular one.

This morning Loewy proudly pointed out her piece a rainbow and grass drawing - her two favorite subjects - and I read her submission, "I am thankful for my birthday".  I smiled because naturally she loves this day that celebrates her, and shouldn't we all be a little more thankful for our own grown up birthdays?  

Back in the car, I started to consider whether I, like Loewy, am thankful for my birthday.  This is tough to answer because this year's birthday was pretty epically horrible in a very mom way.  I'll go in order of the day:

1. 4am wake up to take Loewy to the bathroom (her winter pjs make it almost impossible for her to do it herself).

2. Never able to get back to sleep because sadly now that my children sleep, I sometimes can't.

3. Alistair emerges with a fever, call to the doctor.

4. Take Alistair to the doctor and then drive myself to the doctor to deal with a sinus infection that won't go away.

5. Decide to turn the day around and take Alistair and Loewy out to lunch.

6. Loewy doesn't eat, just picks at her food (see photo).

7. Grumpy afternoon, leave early for birthday dinner.

8. Parallel parking on a very busy and dark street, finally into the spot, to turn my head and watch Loewy projectile vomit her lunch, milkshake included (see photo), all over me, the car, and her sister.

9. Home to clean the car and eat pizza picked up by my husband.

10. To bed, happy to end this birthday.

Later via email, I grimly recounted this tale to my husband's Aunt Kerry (an uber mom of 4 amazing, now grown up, boys).  She sagely remarked, "Wow, that was a perfect mom day."  She was right, so right.

Loewy is on to something.  I am thankful for my birthday because these experiences reminded me of who I have become these last 10 years.  I like the difference of celebrating a birthday as a mom as compared to the all about me celebrations I celebrated my first 29 years.  I won't lie to you it was not a pleasant day, and I was exhausted by the end.  I also am eagerly planning my escape to a spa day my husband generously purchased for me for my birthday- a chance to forget being a mom, even if it's just for a few hours.

Happy Thanksgiving!