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the crib sheet

don't stress summertime sleep

Brooke Nalle

or maybe just stress less!

Here are a few tips to make trips with your sleepers a little easier:


  • Plan your trips around nap times.  You can also drive at night.  If sleeping in the car is a disaster no matter what you do, then drive in the morning so you can have the afternoon to get back on track and settled before bedtime.
  • Pack like a crazy lady.  Bring whatever gear your baby or toddler might use at home (within reason), bring his white noise machine, any lovies, special pajamas, etc.
  • Put all of the sleep stuff in your bag so the crib sheet and pajamas smell lke you.
  • Get the room and all kinks ironed out before bedtime.  
  • As soon as the crib is set up, put your baby in there to play.  Let him see it, smell it, touch it etc.  
  • Make sure your baby is truly exhausted before you put him down for the night and/or naps.  
  • Although you need her tired, take some time 15 minutes or so to unwind and decompress before bed.
  • If you can normally walk out of the room at home after saying good night, you might need to hang out closer to the crib for the first few nights or naps to help your sleeper feel secure.
  • If you end up breaking all of the rules, you can get it back when you get home.  Just be super consistent and focused as soon as you get back.
  • If you have a kind relative offering to do a nap or bedtime, then let that person spend some good quality time with your baby before they take on this endeavor.
  • Naps on the go are fine!
  • Good luck and try to have fun!