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the crib sheet

Fake it, til' you make it.

Elizabeth Nalle


Lindsay and I just had our weekly meeting.  Despite her possible sinus infection and pre-holiday exhaustion, she looks great.  We of course got to talking about how to fake it when you are exhausted.  This might not be the time of year to take on official sleep training, so you might want to just fake it until you can get to the time and place when you and your baby or toddler are truly ready to go.  Until then, here are some tips to trick your friends and family and possibly yourself that you are rested and ready to take on the world or at least your next holiday event.

1. Wake up your eyes with under eye concealer and mascara and brighten your face with a game changing tinted moisturizer.

2. Don't over nap!  You just need 15-20 minutes to power up and survive.

3.  Invest in a great post-partum and/or nursing top or dress that makes you feel like your old self.  Lindsay just admitted that she would wear this dress right now even though she isn't pregnant or nursing.

4.  Love a great dry shampoo for days when you can't get the shower in!

5.  Braids can give you style when you don't have any sleep.