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Taking sleep on the road -- packing essentials series, tip #1

the crib sheet

Taking sleep on the road -- packing essentials series, tip #1

Elizabeth Nalle

Whether you are planning to travel next week or in a few months, you are probably starting to wonder how sleep is going to work in this new place.  It might be lighter, noisier, smaller, and possibly super disruptive to your current family sleep situation.  Sounds fun, right?

At sleepy on hudson, we take our vacations seriously (when we can take them), and that's why we are sharing some of our favorite, beloved travel essentials.  Who knows, maybe you will want some of these awesome products in your every day life when you get back.

Let's talk temperature -- this is one of the toughest travel environment hurdles out there.  Some hotel rooms are freezing and impossible to regulate, and on the flip side, some sea side resorts can get quite muggy for you and your baby.

How do you keep your baby at just the right temperature so he can sleep well, even better?  Our friends at Little Lotus Baby solved this problem.  Using NASA inspired technology designed for astronauts, they created the perfect swaddle and sleep sack to keep your baby warm when he needs it and cools him should the room heat up.  You have to check it out!  Their company also has a great mission making and shipping incubators to be used in the 3rd world, using the same technology in the swaddles and sleep sacks.  

You can read about them here: and save 20% on your purchase here: Enter code SLEEPY20 when you make your purchase.  We think that this vacation item has a pretty big chance of becoming your go to swaddle/sleep sack even at home!