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Summer Sleep???  You've got this!

the crib sheet

Summer Sleep??? You've got this!

Elizabeth Nalle

Whether you have just sleep trained, not ready for sleep training, or are wondering if it's even worth it because it’s summer and well, you know, we all slide of the tracks in some way or another, then please read on because YES you can have your cake (or popsicle) and eat it too.

  1. Stick to your schedule, your routines even if you are away. Make time (in fact make extra time) to get your baby or toddler ready for nap or bed. When you are on the road or hosting company at home, your sleeper is in a heightened state of awareness. He needs extra one on one time to chill out, decompress, and then transition for sleep.

  2. Get your gear! Here at sleepy, our consultants love gro-anywhere blinds for quick black out shades on the go. Lindsay our team member and experienced traveler with two young children in tow is all about the white noise/black out combo! Also the snooze shade for your travel crib is a game changer. And it goes without saying, bring your white noise machine.

  3. Ok, ok, I know following your exact schedule might be impossible on some days. Try to lock in at least one crib nap if your child takes multiple naps. If your toddler is down to just one nap, try to get at least a few happening in the travel crib so he doesn’t get stroller or car seat addicted.

  4. Plan your accommodations for your sleepers if you can and if you have the budget — if you all have to be in one room, use your space creatively. Make a cozy sleep fort for you toddler in the closet, move your travel crib into the hallway by the bathroom — or if staying with friends and family, make sleep space plans in advance. Maybe there is an unused part of the house, you can put your little guy + monitor in.

  5. Remember if you shape your day around your kids and their interests/attention spans, then believe it or not, you will end up having a much better day.

  6. And of course, pack snacks (our baby sleep specialist Christina is all about the snacks when traveling!)

  7. Finally take pictures!!!! My brother (uber father and photographer) always does, and that’s one of his boys above. I grabbed it from an album he shared on google photos. Such a nice way to stay connected with family even post vaycay.