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the crib sheet


Elizabeth Nalle

I am trying hard not to make this yet another New Year, New You post, and quite frankly I am over the pledges I am seeing on social media. That said, I have gotten hooked by the posts that invite you to choose one word to focus on in the New Year, to fuel your new start. So rather than promise to stop having a glass of wine with dinner (I had one last night) or to stop eating sugar (found a brownie in the fridge just a few minutes ago), I am going to go the one word route. My 2019 word is APPRECIATION.

There is a lot to appreciate at sleepy on hudson. I love my clients and my work — and I love and truly appreciate my team that has grown gradually these past few years.

So in the spirit of appreciation, I thought I would share a part of Christina’s story that she posted on her Instagram account @christina_sleepyonhudson. Christina brings her A game to her work and her passion for taking care of mothers and their babies knows no bounds. She is tireless and patient. Her two young boys and sweet hubby are lucky to have her — and so are we!

She writes, “This platform is new for me so please bare with me. In order for me to do what I’ve come here to do, I felt that it was important for me to speak my truth and share why and how I got here.

I am a Midwest girl at heart and contemplate moving back to be near my family on a monthly. For now I am loving being a San Diego transplant and raising my little humans on the sand and under the sun!

I moved to this incredible city from the beautiful state of Washington in 2010. I moved out here to chase the sun and my dreams. I had no idea that when I moved I would peak in my career as a National Sales Manager for a major hotel brand, meet the love of my life through, get married, have 2 babies within 14 mos and take a leap to follow my passion in supporting other mamas and families.

Through this journey I hope to bring confidence back to other mamas who are feeling lost in motherhood, bring knowledge and awareness of the development of our littles and help women realize that they are not alone. 

Join me in supporting each other and offering our suggestions and experiences with each other! “

Love this! and Love her!