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It is important to get help from someone who "gets it"

the crib sheet

It is important to get help from someone who "gets it"

Elizabeth Nalle

Continuing on with this month’s theme of appreciation, I want to highlight Sara, our seasoned sleep specialist, who bring buckets of empathy to her work with tired families. As a working mom herself, Sara knows what it is like to juggle tough nights and demanding days. Moreover, Sara has personally dealt with various medical conditions that impacted her son’s sleep. She has been in the trenches and know how important the right support can be.

When we are tired and fragile, we need someone who is going to hear and help us. Sara is that special person who truly listens and holds your hand every step of the way. A true problem solver, Sara works with you to deliver the nights you have been “praying for” as noted one of her previous clients.

So if you are feeling nervous about sleep training and need a patient friend to guide you, someone who truly has been there, then I highly encourage you to speak with Sara and consider making this first step with her. She’s got your back!