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What to tackle next - the drawer/closet/pile/room/....

the crib sheet

What to tackle next - the drawer/closet/pile/room/....

Elizabeth Nalle

Maybe you are finally getting the naps and nights you have worked so hard for, or maybe good nights and naps are a pipe dream (for now). Either way, I am all about small changes that make you feel better in a major way. It may sound shallow but on my hardest days a new concealer or even a freshly made bed can make me feel better, more together.

My friend Nola is a professional organizer, and she is all about small doable projects - just do one drawer instead of the whole kitchen. I did the drawer and felt so much better, that I eventually hired her to help me organize my entire kitchen and with her help finally got rid of the breast pump parts that I really really really really should have said farewell to years ago.

Last week at a super fun event for expectant mamas, I met Heather, a professional organizer and city mom herself. I love her attitude towards spaces that are realistic and livable vs. instagram ready. She had so many great ideas about room sharing and space sharing, that I just knew I had to share a few with you:

  1. We moved my daughter to a bunk bed when she turned five. We got a low profile bunk bed. Some low profile beds steal space by putting the lower bed on the the floor but others steal space by having the top bed lower, this is the kind you want. Loosing under bed storage in NYC is a tragedy! I also urge you to get a bed with slats for the head and foot boards. Top beds with solid headers and footers are impossible to make.

  2. I had a client with 3 girls. Organizing and having hand me downs at the ready was crucial. I love zip-lock brand vacuum sealer bags for hand me downs. Keep sizes together but also label the season. Babies are not all true to size and knowing the season of the clothes easily is very helpful.

  3. Keep a bag or bin for hand me downs in your kid's closet. As soon as they try on something that's too small, but it in the donation pile. Your clutter is another person’s favorite new top!

  4. Remember that under bed storage? I store off season clothing in under bed containers. This makes it easy to move the container to your dresser and then change out items as needed.

  5. Too many stuffed animals? Do not do a purge without your child (you want them involved) but do have a bin and let them know that they can keep whatever animals fits in the bin, once it's over flowing, time to purge.

Learn more about your organizing options from Nola, in Westchester or from Heather, in NYC — and in the meantime, indulge in that small thing that makes you feel better!